Spit guard pro protection ppe from spitting for police

SPIT GUARD PRO is the only humane and safe solution to a real problem.


Guaranteed protection against spitting from restrained individuals. 



Spit Guard Pro is evaluated and approved by the MET Police / Medical Director and used nationwide by the majority of UK Police forces.

No known health or safety risks.

Providing protection against spitting and associated dangerous and contagious diseases, it is quick and easy to apply and cannot be removed or repositioned by the wearer.


SMART DESIGN, SMART FEATURES. No associated health or safety risks.

Globally recognised as the most effective and safe spit guard available.

Unrestricted eye contact helps reduce panic to avoid escalation of a situation.



The subject should be properly controlled prior to applying the Spit Guard.

Subjects should not be left unattended whilst wearing.

The Custody Office should be informed if a Spit Guard has been used.

Spit Guard Pro

  • £2.50 per piece for quantities under 500 pieces. 

    £2.30 per piece for quantities over 500 pieces.

  • Please note PPE can not be returned or refunded due to health and hygene regulations.