KIT Design KEV0067 Prison Equipment
Prison Equipment Vest KEV0067
Prison Equipment Vest KEV0067
Prison Equipment Vest KEV0067

Our Tac vests for Police, Prison and Security officers feature an X-Form anti-stress system. X-Form equipment vests are unique because they spread the weight of carried equipment ergonomically around the body, making these the most versatile vests on the market. Be free of stress and back strain, while having unrivalled access to deploy your work equipment more easily.

This KEV0067 model X-Form features custom pockets and attachments used by prison, police and security officers. Kit Design equipment vests make working life better and let you be more free.

Tac Vest

X-Form equipment vests


  • Anti-Stress system makes these the most versatile and supportive load-bearing vest on the market.

  • Up to 20cm of adjustment allowing great fit and flexability.

  • Manufactured in lightweight breathable fabrics.

  • Ability to wear over layered clothing or body armour.

  • Add, remove and reposition pockets to suit your needs.

  • Body length adjustment with a double retention Velcro shoulder design.

  • Mollee vest features interchangeable pockets.

  • Designed to work with our utility belt for ultimate functionality, comfort and performance.

  • Gender specific versions available upon request.


  • Available in a range of colourways (Pantone match)

  • Length to fit criteria

  • Wide range of pockets available with the ability to design and create for any requirements.

  • Reflective Tape, Dockets, ID wallet, Badges, Radio Loops, Zips, Epaulettes plus other attachments optional

*Please note these are the most popular customised extras but all other requirements can be met, please enquire for more information.


These are our most popular fabrics and colours. Many more are also available, just ask.

Vests are also available in more than one fabric or colour. Our vest can be customised however you like, or simply choose one you like best.