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Metropolitan Police

Our first involvement with the MET police was a collaboration between our Design team, JE James Cycles and two very enthusiastic MET officers

Metropolitan Police

Together we created Police cycle uniforms and bikes to relaunch cycling in the UK. As with any new venture, we had to overcome obstacles along the way. Our products had to fit perfectly and be durable to withstand stringent tests - for example, our Police bike had to be able to carry a 127kg (20st) person down a concrete staircase at speed. Extreme! 

Not only that, but our Design Team had to ensure the bike was easy to operate, low maintenance, perform reliably for at least 8 hours a day and be easily distinguishable as a Police bike, i.e. be fully badged up, have blue flashing lights and a siren! As part of this project we also designed totally original Police cycle clothing, combining sports performance with the smart and identifiable aesthetic of Police uniform. The rest, as they say, is history. We’re extremely proud to say we helped kickstart the boom of Police cycle officers across the UK. 

Through our research and development we have changed the way upper body armour and equipment is worn. Our work in this area meant we naturally we caught the attention of the MET Personal Protection Team, with whom we have now worked on many projects to improve and re-invent operational clothing and equipment for UK policing. 


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